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Government Housing Policies

These strategies include the following: more new homes will be built to seek balance between housing supply and demand. New home ownership schemes that will give greater choice and opportunity to first time buyers, social tenants, key workers and people who rent privately. All social housing will meet the decent homes standard. Home information packs will be available, to make it easier to buy and sell a home. There is also a housing market renewal program that is transforming areas where deprivation is significantly reducing life chances. (McRae 35)
There is also the supporting people program that helps vulnerable people improve their quality of life. The local authorities are taking an increasingly strategic role on housing. Their role starts from their unique ability to identify local needs and priorities. No one is better suited in identification of needs and priorities of the local community than the local authorities. Local authorities do this in the knowledge that the quantity, quality and the type of housing are essential to the health and wealth of an area. The local authorities can take an overview across all sectors using their planning powers as well as housing policy to deliver national, regional, local and community needs. ...
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Topic: The Government is calling for a major increase in new dwelling completions in England over the next 20 years. In what ways might regional and strategic planning contribute to providing for this in a "sustainable" manner
The government says that everyone should have an opportunity to rent or buy a decent home at a price they can afford, in a place where they want to live and work…
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