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Central Government Urban Regeneration Policies - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Consecutive attempts were launched to regenerate the cities of Great Britain, however the outcome of these attempts have been failure. It is evident that the bridge between the struggling and affluent cities has become shallow. Several contributing factors have been identified inclusive of rising geographical inequality…

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Central Government Urban Regeneration Policies

failure of retention schemes (Brownill, 1990). The shift in the political scenario shall also not be advantageous, the future cabinet is expected to comprising of representatives from suburbs and South East, and therefore these representatives shall not share "same commitment to high levels of regeneration funding, particularly if economic circumstances demand a squeeze on public spending" (Cross, 1993). It is important that realistic approach shall be adopted to ensure optimum utilization of the available opportunities. It is important to initially settle the objectives into list of practical and non-practical items. It is evident that the current government "cannot guarantee to regenerate every town and every city in Britain that has fallen behind". Every location has its strategic and economic significance, and two cities at different locations shall never share similar significance, this is natural phenomenon and has contributed towards mass migration of the dwellers in the past. Britain has to face the truth that the locations, which previously exhibited potential for investment in 19th century, are insignificant in the current economic and strategic setup. ...
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