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Human Resource Employee Handbook

Details of deductions are reflected on employees' payslips.
1.4 Mandatory Benefits. All benefits mandated by labor laws shall be provided for by the company to all employees. These benefits may include but not limited to medical benefits, minimum wage and cost-of-living allowance among others.
1.5 Queries. Questions and clarifications with regard to salaries or deductions should be immediately brought to the attention of Payroll. Should there be any correction, necessary adjustments will be done in the subsequent payroll period.
1.6.1 Company Performance. This additional benefit depends on the company's annual profit. This is expressed as certain percentage of the employees' salaries. Granting of bonus and setting of percentage are subject to the approval of the company officers.
1.6.2 Individual Performance. All regular employees are evaluated by their immediate superiors at the end of the year. Performance bonus is granted to employees with performance rating ranging from above satisfactory (B+) to excellent (A). Similarly, it is expressed as a percentage of employees' salaries depending on job level and rating. The percentage is set annually subject to the approval of the company officers.
1.7 Sick Leave Conversion. ...
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The company's human resource handbook is designed to systematize organizational affairs. All employees must be aware of and comply with the provisions contained herein. Should there be any question or clarification with regard to the company's human resource policies, please feel free to communicate with the Human Resource Department.
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