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Health and Safety at UK Organisations - Essay Example

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Health and safety organisations are characterised by providing occupational health safety, advice and safety training (2007a) irrespective of gender, class or age group. The Act 'Health and Safety at work' (HASAWA) is generally for the public as well as for UK organisations, regardless of the fact that one is employed, unemployed or belong to any profession…

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Health and Safety at UK Organisations

(CIPD, 1995, p. 4)
Safety is determined through work environment and policies towards which training, culture management programmes, individualised reward management systems and other range of employee involvement mechanisms, all operate not only towards achieving enhanced employee contribution, but the health concerns behind those contributions. The major reason behind the emergence of Occupational Health Safety (OHS) embedded in organisational infrastructure is the growing and alarming trend in work-related illness and injury, and the related costs to organisations and governments. Research suggests that every year the European nation, particularly UK is followed by a swift ratio of accidents or diseases at work according to which 10 million of the 150 million workers are affected each year. This result in the increment of direct-compensation costs estimated at 20 billion pounds per year (Agius, 2001). Work-related injuries and ill health cost the UK some between 3.5 billion and 7.3 billion annually i.e., equivalent to between 4 per cent and 8 per cent of all UK companies'.
The Industrial Revolution in Britain saw many consequences for ordinary working people in terms ...
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