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Gaming - Essay Example

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There are people known as hard-core gamers, ones who play, live, and breathe the video games. They may seclude themselves from the outside world. These individuals may only play one specific genre of games or multiple games. Hard-core gamers have been around as long as gaming itself and often times are blamed for such tragedies as the Columbine shooting…

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The focus of this paper will be to investigate if, in fact, there is any scientific validity in the allegations raised by mainstream America that the violent content in many of these games combined with extensive game play is fostering an addiction to gaming which may increase violence or other negative behavior within society.
Prior to investigating whether addiction in gaming occurs and how it may negatively impact the hard core gamer's personality and behavior, a brief history of the video game industry and development is presented in order to better understand the gaming culture and development. Video games have a relatively recent, yet intense, history. It started, believe it or not, in the early 1960s. A game called Spacewar was created in 1961 (Kohler, 2005). After this, the newly coined term "video games" started its path toward the entity we know today. Simple video games then found their way to the then newly created computers. Pixels, or small boxes of color, were used to create basic two-dimensional pictures on the screen. The creation of player versus player games came soon after, followed by coin operated arcade machines. In time, people were able to take the games home with them. Companies such as Atari and Coleco Vision brought arcade quality gaming to the home by plugging into the TV. ...
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