The role of government and politics in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina - Essay Example

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The role of government and politics in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina

The answers can be found with adequate investigation, and they do lie near the top of our political structure.

According to a CNN poll, "When asked to rate the performance of federal government in responding to the hurricane, 36 percent said "good" or "very good" while 63 percent said "poor" or "very poor." Given the facts, it's hard to imagine that the 36 percent are other than Fox News fans, staunch Republicans, and those who live nowhere near the affected region.

Robin Lovin, an ethics professor from Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, told Scotland's Daily Record, "Bush, Congress, the mayor - each of them are symptoms of a bigger problem, that we don't have accountability for disasters or

challenges of this scale. That's all the public wants in trying times - accountability ... Lovin added that it's too convenient to blame one branch of government when they are all, at some level, failing people" ("God Help Them").

Lovin's sentiments seem liberal and noble on the surface. ...
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It is equally obvious that good answers that provide a better response to our next national disaster are a matter of the utmost necessity. What is less obvious is where the breakdown occurred after Katrina and who is to blame for it. …
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