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Social Exclusion Policy

(Hills, 2004, p. 52)
The aim was just to eradicate poverty along with the equal inflow of wealth from the rich towards the poor. Despite a number of joint initiatives, which included identification of obstructions and breaking them up, the Government remained unable to achieve the goals even after two years. In 1999, after visualising the slow progress of the work, Tony Blair took an initiative of 'auditing' the nation socially by introducing a new policy based on 'investment and incentives' (SEU, June 2006)
It was in April 2000, that under Blair's Government, analysis was made after which poor communities were identified and action was taken to support them with proper housing and employment. Since May 2002, national governments and regional groupings such as the EU have increasingly recognised growing poverty and exclusion. Reform of public welfare systems and reviews of other challenges to social policy have been high on the policy agenda. ...
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Government policies have always aimed to lessen social exclusion by creating different policies in context with legal, political and regulatory frameworks. The Government started showing interest in 'Social Exclusion' agenda in 1997; just after the arrival of the New Labour Government in UK (Marsh, 2004) Social Exclusion unit was setup on a global basis, under the administration of the Tony Blair Government aimed at the joint venture of combating social exclusion throughout Britain, thereby including the cooperation of other administrations of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland…
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