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Nursing: Burnout of the new graduate nurse

Others become periodically late or psychologically absent.
The change from student nurse to practicing RN can seem too fast, even after years of training. Many nursing educators assert it's too sudden-and one reason why so many recently graduated nurses leave the practice after just a few years.
First of all lots of new graduate nurses feel distressed after facing severe reality. They have to transit into a completely new environment, get accustomed to many new things, and I don't think all of them are adaptable enough. In addition, such work might seem exhaustive, energy-consuming, as the new graduate nurse faces real people with real problems. So initially they feel some kind of disappointment and then -dissatisfaction.
Job satisfaction for nurses is important for retention and performance. If a job is fun to do, it is more satisfying and performance improves (Gaskill,2000, par.1). Yet, since nurses are in a profession that is continually developing and often have limited control over job changes, job satisfaction is often difficult to reach. In fact, many workplace issues have been identified by the nursing profession as having an impact on work environment and job satisfaction.
Stress or stress related health conditions are becoming one of the most important health concerns in Australia. ...
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The symptoms of burnout in nurses are as different as the sufferers themselves. Some people become irritable, shouting or growling at anyone who they face. Some try to let aggression, large or small, out, on external objects. Others become calm, introverted and isolated, which can be a sign of the start of a serious depression…
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