New York and Gender Personal Choice

Case Study
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In today's contemporary time, people are already given their right to choose whatever sexuality they may want to belong with. It should be noted that the issue of homosexuality (gay and lesbianism) was once a long issue not only in the United States, but in all other major countries around the world.


The United States was one among the first countries where homosexuals felt the very strong urge to initiate and actively fight for their rights. It was also in this very country where the trend and issues about homosexuality started to spread. Needless to say, it was also in this country where the majority of gay and lesbian activists started.
Now another issue is starting in one of the famous cities of the America - the New York City. Reports revealed that a proposal has been filed in this city' government sector concerning gender preference which is, of course, relative to homosexuality. The question is: What could be the moral and sociological impact of New York City's new proposal regarding gender preference
Almost all countries around the world have gay and lesbians as part of their population. Because of the vast numbers of homosexuals, it is just expected that some of the country' rules and regulations will be initiated which could either harm or protect the homosexuals. However, beneath all of these issues, challenges and plans for people with a different sexual orientation in opposed to the gender by birth, the factors affecting this increasing numbers of gays and lesbians in the land remain the same.
There are basically three domains of man's development. ...
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