Individual Budget Scheme

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Individual budget scheme is a problem that was started by the government in order to take care of the health of the old people, people with disabilities, those who have physical sensory disabilities and those with particular mental needs. This program which is being implemented in England is


Therefore there is less control of the way in which individual decide to spend their money.
The scheme has been developed after the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP) conducted 13 individual pilot schemes which were commissioned by the Department of Heath, Department of Communities and Local Government, Department for Work and Pensions, and the Office for Disability Issues. These pilot studies were commissioned in order to come up with a scheme that would help to improve the welfare and the health status of the section of the population that may feel more marginalized like the old, the disabled and others. Currently the program is covering only the old people and the disabled. (The Individual Budgets Evaluations Network, 2007)
The scheme has been described as a step from direct payment. Currently the scheme is taking care of more that 50,000 old people which include careers. They are enabled to buy services using cash that is allocated to them by the local authorities. However the scheme is redistributed to conventional services. It has been declared a priority for the government. It has been one way in which the government is determined to drive up the quality of social care of the people. The scheme is all about unleashing a high level of creativity of the people in order to meet their needs in the best way that suits their life. ...
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