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Multicultural Policies and Social Segregation

No one group is taken to be superior to the other. The government does not force people to adhere to one universal religion or culture.
Many people support multiculturalism. This is especially so in the academic circles and in the media (Malik, 2008:89). It receives a lot of support from those countries that are culturally diverse, with a lot of different cultural groups making up the society, as opposed to one cultural group. But this theory has its share of opponents. It is especially opposed by those people who adhere to a particular set of norms of one culture. In Europe and the United States of America, this phenomenon of multiculturalism can be traced back to the last years of the nineteenth century (Barry, 2001:56). It started as a form of philosophical, pragmatist ideology. Then, as the nineteenth century came to an end and the twentieth century began, it metamorphosised into something entirely new. It became part of the political and cultural pluralism in these countries (Barry, 2001:67). Around this time, the European and Western countries were colonising Africa and as such, had to recognise the cultural diversity of these countries. There were a lot of migratory activities in to Europe and America which meant that these countries had a diverse society as far as cultural groups are concerned. ...
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According to Temko et al (2007:35), multiculturalism is a form of theory. It refers to racial, cultural and ethnic diversity in a population of a certain place. The population been referred to is organised into a group like in a town or school. Some governments have entrenched official policies that deal with the issue of multiculturalism in the country (Phillips, 2005: 67)…
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