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Human Recourse Management

For a message to have its desired effect, both reception and yielding are necessary. (Collins, David 1998) Yet making sense of the environment often entails numerous cycles of attending to information, interpreting information, acting on it, and receiving feedback to clarify one's sense of the situation, particularly when events are highly ambiguous or subject to change.
Attribution theory has been useful in helping explain message-based persuasion and in helping identify key features that will allow for messages to be received and interpreted uniformly among employees. In the Human Recourse Management context, employees are required to infer cause-effect attributions from these communications to determine what behaviors are important, expected, and rewarded. Causal inference can be understood not solely as the inner workings of the mind but also as a process by which people gather and elicit causal explanations from others and communicate their explanations to others.
In order to function effectively in a social context and make accurate attributions about a situation, an employee must have adequate and unambiguous information. Although attribution frameworks have been used to explain whether an individual attributes the cause of another person's behavior to internal or external factors, Redman, T and Wilkinson, A. ...
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Beyond all shadow of doubt, Human Recourse Management amounts to little more than a simple reworking of the Human Relations School of management. And the reason is very simple. Human Recourse Management practices can be viewed as communications from the employer to employee…
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