Workplace Diversity

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The field of HRM in general and Diversity Management in particular has undergone dramatic improvements in the past decades. Greatest development and research in this regard has occurred in the private sector, however, since the 1990s, there has been an increased awareness in the Public Sector also to benefit from the principles and research of private sector.


Competition, pressures to reduce the production role of the State, and taxpayer demands for higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness mark the new work place realities". [Ospina,2001].
Recent research has shown that public sector performance and national development are directly related to the quality of human resources they have. Since the transformation of world community into a "global village", Public Sectors in almost every country, especially America and Europe, have also got a diverse work force.
Management of such diverse ethnic groups poses many challenges to managers. At the same time it affords numerous benefits both to the organization and the general public. Moreover, to ensure a fair and productive public service, diversity management needs to be backed up with a legal frame-work also. Numerous universities, Public Service Commissions and research scholars are continuously striving to bring forth a universally workable frame-work for diversity management. Even the UNO has shown keen interest in the subject and several expert group meetings and symposiums have been arranged in the UNO.
This paper attempts to evaluate the dilemmas and opportunities that workplace diversity poses for management and organizations in t ...
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