Hurricane Katrina Master Essay

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People can be excused for becoming worn out of the headline "Hurricane Katrina, the Costliest Natural Disaster in U.S. History" (Groen & Polivka 2008, 33). Sympathy exhaustion has set in among compassionate individuals who are worried of a headline that publicizes a return to normal life.


This commentary is by principle groundwork and unfinished, founded on early accounts from correspondents and researchers and on the experiences of the victims.
In August 26, Friday morning, Hurricane Katrina was approaching the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico, with a forecasted strike on the Florida Panhandle. During the day, the predicted path of the storm changed to the west, hence that by the evening of Friday the mark location was heading towards New Orleans. This was beyond from the earliest time that New Orleans had been placed in the target zone, yet earlier hurricanes had swerved away from the area at the last minute or later on discovered to be merely a nuisance. However, this time was unusual (Brinkley 2006).
Provided the classification 5 ranking of the hurricane, which implies that winds of higher than 155 miles per hour and a hurricane gush normally of at least 18 feet could be predicted, and the pushing currents directing it, an increasing sense of alarm befell on New Orleans that this hurricane Katrina could be the 'Big One' (Brinkley 2006, 17).
New Orleans has all the reasons to dread the Big One. ...
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