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Neighbourhood Action Plans

For instance, the housing problems are growing acute in regions occupied by the minority group of Asian Pakistanis. There are, however, no similar problems faced in the locations occupied by the majority white population or other minority Asians of Indian origin or other minority groups.
This may mean either the council authorities in these area are deliberately sidelining Asian Pakistani groups as they are from the lower level of income group or the authorities face resource crunch and the said group is in no position to alleviate the problem faced by the local authorities (The Housing Needs of Black &Minority Ethnic (BME) Communities in Hyndburn).
Britain is among the leaders in technologically advanced countries and Lancashire is bound to be affected along with the rest of the nation due to changes technologically brought about in accordance with policy changes year after year. Environmentally, Britain is among the top industrialized nations that has poor record of carbon emissions. So, any changes for the better must come from the top national leadership and the local council is not in position to dictate terms. The local council cannot make national policies although they can make their views felt. ...
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The Hyndburn Borough Council is among the better managed councils in England. There are few issues that appear as problems of significance. The entire region within the jurisdiction of the council is well managed socially and economically. However, there does appear to be problems in the crime, jobs, and house sectors where a section of a minority community appears not to be doing so well.
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