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Sociology of Hip-Hop Music

The compilation of this research will examine what it is about hip-hop that has made such an impression with the younger people in particular and why it has such a hold on society. The research will also be somewhat reminiscent when giving a comparison of these new sounds compared to Motown in the 60's and then in the 70's folk and disco music. The 80's will mark the period when Rap and the branch off of newer hip-hop fully emerged in the music industry. The conclusion will show that there has been no other form of music which has had the ability to cross so many cultural boundaries as hip-hop has. This music has been able to forge a bridge between many ethnicities and bring something that various groups all have a common interest in which has changed the world and how people see it in current times.
There is no doubt that hip-hop has permeated popular culture in a fashion that can only be defined as, unprecedented. There exists a crossover type of appeal in this form of music from all the various ethnic groups in the world which establishes it as an artistic element that holds the capability to "unify many diverse populations in a common way" (Chang 2005). ...
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Music is an art form that permeates every culture throughout the world as history defines this has always been the case. Every once in a while a new style emerges which forms a fad, often within the younger population groups. However one musical art-form known as 'hip-hop' has swept over the world with a long lasting affect that is particularly noticeable in many people's daily activities and their individual actions…
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