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Migrants,refugees, and Australian society

“It is better to be defeated on principle than to be defeated on lies1,” “ Two Wyongs do not make a White1, ” “ Populate or Perish1” and many other such popular but controversial quotes are attributed to the one and only Arthur Calwell, the politician who had the honour of being the longest serving member in the House of Representatives in Australia; serving as an MP for 32 years. Active and energetic in the Australian Labor Party, he was elected President of the Victorian Labor Party in 1931.He is considered as a social revolutionary, who has contributed invaluably to Australian Nationalism2.Arthur Calwell was the chief architect of Australia’s post-war immigration scheme, at a time when Europe was teeming with refugees who desired a better life far from their war-torn homelands. Calwell was appointed as the first Minister for Immigration in the Australian government in 1945, during Ben Chifley’s term as Prime Minister. More effectively than others could have done in the 1940s, he was able to expand Australia's traditional immigration base beyond the British Isles to include eastern and southern Europe.Calwell and Sir Tasman Heyes1, his personal choice to head the new department, formed an outstandingly creative partnership. In a way, whatever Australia is today: an affluent, developed country with a zillion opportunities for locals and immigrants: can be contributed to the far-sightedness of Arthur Calwell. ...
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“It is better to be defeated on principle than to be defeated on lies1”, “ Populate or Perish1” and many other such popular but controversial quotes are attributed to the one and only Arthur Calwell,the politician who had the honour of being the longest serving member in the House of Representatives in Australia;serving as an MP for 32 years…
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