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Essay example - Working with People via Mentoring

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The Harvard System of referencing should be used. If you access a book, journal article, report, etc. via the internet, & the publication is available in printed form (hard copy), you should cite it in the Harvard format for printed materials.
It is important that the emphasis in your assignment (which is at Level 3) as a whole is on the higher level academic skills of reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation rather than on mere description.

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Mentoring is a long-term relationship between an experienced individual, the mentor, and an apprentice or mentee. The usual goal of such relationship is for the mentee to learn from the mentor in a more meaningful and experiential way. The wisdom and experience of the mentor is something that one cannot from reading books alone. Mentorship then is also a process by which an inexperienced person could become properly trained through the guidance of another. It is generally hoped that the mentee will be at par or even exceed his or her mentor. (Wai-Packard, n.d.)
Consider a primary school. Such institution serves very young children. A new teacher fresh from Teacher's College will generally have little experience handling children. During his or her time as student-teacher in practicum, a senior teacher will guide, assist, and supervise him or her in classes. But such luxury is not available in real-life teacher. He or she is left alone to sink or swim, to rise or fall in the academe. ...
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