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Book Report/Review example - Friendship and Maturity

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Book Report/Review
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The vocabulary says that "Friend" (frend) is a noun implying an individual whom one knows, likes and believes, a person with whom one is related in a struggle or reason; companion or one who upholds, empathizes with, or supports a group or merely an associate…

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It has continued since the human survival and will stay eternally. It is a never-ending story. As humans, we all have flaws and insecurities. As a cluster, we have a control to conquer these uncertainties building self-confidence in the course of the hold up of others. We have the capability to prosper and augment to the top.
Teenage years varies across gender and cultural lines, but generally serves as the intermediary epoch from childhood to adulthood here essential issues like body picture, drugs, media, family unit, acquaintances, sex, and sexuality eventually form one's grown-up individuality. At some stage in this whimsical period, friendships in particular have the possibility to play an enormous responsibility in teenager identity development, behavior, and self-projection.
In case of Jeanette her growth provides a perfect situation for studying how friendships alter: What are some of the significant traits adolescents look for in friends How are female same-sex friendships different from those of males How do cross-sex friendships differ from their same-sex counterparts-what part do both play in youth's interactions Is customs an influential aspect
On the Contrary mostly Lionie accompanies Nanda's character in "Frost In May". Her companionship communally intermingles outside the family unit. There are no boys in the novel. ...
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