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United Kingdoms Welfare System

(Faher, n.d.)

Issues that concern the welfare of the society had become the top priority of the government since then. Until eventually John Major replaced Thatcher, welfare reform was high on the agenda. This was clearly illustrated and demonstrated when the government had considered spending two-thirds of its budget is spent on the welfare state and services it provides among its citizens. (Faher, n.d.)

In 1980's and 1990's, the UK government had made several adjustments concerning the welfare state of the country due to the increasing crisis that the government was experiencing brought about by its increasing expenditures concerning poverty among the members of the society. Welfare benefits were divided into five groups - cash benefits, health care, education, housing, and personal social services. Cash benefits have become the most widely used form of welfare thus eating up around 10% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). National insurance, which obtains the largest spending, has affected two of the other cash benefits subgroup, the means-tested and the non-contributory benefits. There had been very low pension benefit levels such that it only makes up half of a person's active salary which is even barely enough to meet ones needs, most especially the elderly. (Faher, n.d.) ...
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The United Kingdom's welfare system that is currently implemented had began after the World War II and lived onto the next thirty years. However, just like most countries at that time, UK had been through serious economic problems. …
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