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The Novelty Rock Emporium turned out crisp mint rock and giant humbugs. But all that is gone. Today, there is nothing to show of its glorious past. Till recently, this sleepy town attracted only a few travelers, but there seems to be a change. WDC saw the average age of holiday-makers staying in the town rise significantly.
It is, but a small place. It's a mixture of the past and present. The only attraction, if any, is the trade-mark tranquility that the sea offers to its visitors. It's more of a home for the not-too-rich people, who think of spending their retired lives close to history and tranquility. The beach still retains its pristine beauty and houses cottages, close to the beach for the beach lovers. If its peace and tranquility by the sea that one is looking for, look no further, Walmington is the place to be in. The town hall still preserves the old clock that stopped at ten past three in 1939. It's an architectural marvel and an added attraction to visitors to these parts.
Consideration: Walmington is not what it used to be. The beach is a sophomore's nightmare; it bristles with barbed wires, criss-crossed scaffoldings, pill boxes and concrete anti-tank blocks. That's right! Anti-tank concrete blocks. When Hitler invaded Britain from across the channel, Walmington-on-Sea was in the Front line of fire. The scars of the war remain to this day. ...
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Walmington-on-Sea was the wartime home of George Mainwaring, Arthur Wilson, Mavis Pike and the other characters from Dad's Army. Located on the south-coast of England, in Kent or was it, East Sussex Whichever, Walmington is in real earnest, a small hamlet not known for its sophistication or royalty…
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