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Dubbed as one of the most eclectic and weirdest musical events, the Wickerman Festival is a much-awaited gala held in Scotland. It is attended by the most diverse crowds which range from hard-core music lovers to young couples along with their children (Walton 2005).


This paper discusses the beginnings of the Wickerman Festival as well as its musical and cinematic influences. Furthermore, this paper analyses the strategy undertaken by the organizers and proponents of this event to promote the event to its intended market.
Depicted as Scotland's alternative music, dance and arts festival ("Cultural Profiles"), the Wickerman Festival started in 2001 by founder Sid Ambrose. As Ambrose narrated, he was approached by a group of teenagers to come up with a one-off music event that would serve as a showcase for local bands (Devine 2005). Ambrose found a venue for the promising concept in the village of Dundrennan, near Kirkcudbright, a few miles from the Isle of Whitorn where the cult horror classic "The Wicker Man" was filmed in 1972 (Johnstone 2004).
In this regard, the festival theme stems from the classic horror movie and tends to attract the movie's following (Johnstone 2004). However, the organizers have found a more profound meaning to celebrating the Wickerman Festival which is derived from the traditional gatherings of northern tribes in ancient times ("The Wickerman Festival" 2005).
The Wickerman Festival is said to be primarily influenced by the cult horror classic with the same name. ...
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