Homosexuality in Mainstream

Movie Review
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Growing world has faced a lot of changes which is mainly brought by the new century. Among many topics which are being discussed today homosexuality is the most popular. Now this taboo is getting common as people are a lot more comfortable in expressing their sexual relationships than ever because media is playing a massive role in giving maximum exposure to the audiences.


Mainstream media functions very strongly in our society, as it's sometimes a reflection of a society and on another side it's a catalyst which changes a society. Film and theatre are no doubt powerful tools and with all the media coverage which homosexual are receiving, is also one of the reasons one can find many new gay themed movies coming from Hollywood. Usually movies like these totally personify the stereotype of homosexuality from the society. There are many remarkable movies which have gained massive popularity from the masses. Directly or indirectly there are many messages which are sent about gays. Different stereotypes are found in the industry like a picture of homosexual is generated in gay themed movie mostly in a negative way, while a mainstream movie reveal totally opposite side and put some positive light on it.
Mainstream movies, nowadays, often include minor characters that are gay. With the addition of so many minor, gay characters, endless stereotypes abound in these mainstream movies. Unfortunately, mainstream movies often focus on the negative stereotypes that have already been generated by society, thereby furthering the impact they have on people's views towards gays. ...
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