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Laurie Cohen

My contention is that they did and I shall cite reasons in support of this claim.
The use of human test subjects in any study is now governed by a code designed to uphold the rights of the individual involved. This came about after the tragedy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in 1930 where black men were deliberately infected with syphilis and left untreated for forty years finally came to light and more stringent rules on human testing necessitated the formation of committees on bioethics. The Belmont Report, The Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration all uphold the basic ethical principles that govern use of a human subject in testing. Foremost of these is the presence of an informed consent before an individual is even allowed to become a test subject. Based on this principle, which involves not only a disclosure of all the possible effects on a subjects health but also of the need to review that the individual in question is not under duress ("Ethical Principles for Medical Research," 2000) but should be free of any "ulterior form of constraint or coercion" ("Nuremberg Code," 1949), Eli Lilly has violated the basic principle of informed consent when it agreed to have homeless alcoholics participate in its clinical trials. ...
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In November 14, 1996 Laurie Cohen came out with an article on the Wall Street Journal that pictured the life of an Eli Lilly Medical research volunteer for Phase I Drug Studies (Cohen, 1996). Most of them were members of Indianapolis' homeless and, more often than not, alcohol and drug dependent community…
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