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Chicano film American Me, Mi vida Loca

As Bauer suggests, it is perhaps because race-related episodes of violence have become a habit that people who are caught within them are unable to move beyond them. Violence, then, may be seen as a symptom of a larger plague of non-comprehension that is afflicting society, in which people are unable to "resist someone else's pathos-charged lie, that has appropriated the world and aspires to conceptualize it" (Bauer 678-9). This 'lie' is represented in Anders' Mi Vida Loca in terms of the thematic representation of how violence affects women's lives. Relevant in particular is the way in which the cinematography employs magic realism to depict the ways in which lives are fragmented and claustrophobic. ...
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As the term "callejon sin salida" indicates, ethnic marginalization and race-related tensions have created figurative 'blind alleys' from which it is impossible to progress without the recognition that racist perspectives are insidious and dangerous. American Me and Mi Vida Loca are both cinematic representations of situations in which individuals find themselves enclosed in spaces where the normative rules of secular societies do not apply, and in which new rules and asocial positions are created for people struggling to define themselves and to come to terms with situations that are essentially unnatural and go against the 'accepted' norms of society…
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