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Do you think a global culture is emerging? Do you regard that prospect of a global culture as positive or negative? Explain. - Essay Example


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Do you think a global culture is emerging? Do you regard that prospect of a global culture as positive or negative? Explain.

This global village has brought all nations, creeds, ethnicities, castes, and races together, binding them with the force of information sharing and mutual relationships. This massive interaction amongst people of all kinds and locations leads to an amalgamation of cultures, values, traditions and lifestyles, which leads to the emergence of a mega culture and decomposition of the diversity. This has been referred to now and again as globalization. African tribesmen watching CNN, Hindu priests preaching in Middle America and Germans learning English language, are all benchmarks of how much globalization has affected our lives, businesses, and value systems (Berger, 1997). However, this globalization is not just restricted to economies or state. In fact, an integral fraction of globalization is cultural globalization. Thus was born a ‘global culture’, which everyone followed and which overtook the world’s economy and erased the boundaries of differences and individuality. Culture is an umbrella term used to explain a society’s attributions like language, costumes, beliefs, rituals, and entertainment. Culture defines the identity and preserves the individuality of the society it belongs to. Global culture, thus, literally means ‘culture of the world’. ...Show more


Global Culture There was a time when people on earth were as distant from each other as their lands were. The Irish lived in the Ireland and French only knew about France. The only way of knowing about other people was travelling or migrating to other lands for trade, battle, or new opportunities…
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