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Essay example - Uncovering the Predictors of Correctional Officers' Attitudes and Behaviors: A meta- analysis By: Jeff Maahs and Travis Pratt

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I chose to review the article, “Uncovering the Predictors of Correctional Officers’ Attitudes and Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis”(Maahs & Pratt, 2001), for the purposes of this assignment. This article is relevant to me as I am interested in corrections and police work.

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ed the importance of their work in two ways: First, they agreed with Bowker in stating, “Correctional officers bear the primary responsibility for the successful control and treatment of inmates” (Maahs & Pratt, 2001, p. 13). Secondly, the current corrections officers’ demographics have changed from an all-white male workforce to a diversified and professionalized workforce. Maahs and Pratt wanted to see what changes the demographics made in the correctional officers’ attitudes and actions towards the inmates.
The authors used meta-analysis to synthesize the data of three decades of research of correctional officers. The study computed mean effect size estimates for three categories of predictor variable (importation, deprivation, and management) across two dependent variables (negative job attitudes and rehabilitation orientation). The analysis combined quantitative synthesis research methodology with the results of 19 empirical studies. This spanned 6,427 cases and resulted in two threads of information; namely studies that specified the predictors of correctional officers:
The conclusions of the research resulted in the following findings; Table 1 revealed that age, race, education, and gender are inversely related to job satisfaction. There was more job dissatisfaction reported among females, non-whites, younger officers and officers with more education than from older white-male officers. Table 2 findings revealed corrections officers who perceive their job as more dangerous, those that face role conflict, or those who feel their supervisors are less supportive have more job burnout and are more likely to quit or report job dissatisfaction. The attitude of higher management toward the officers had a significant bearing on their personal job satisfaction. The third conclusion brought by this research was that the results of the previous research gleaned that the previous findings have a weak explanatory power. This suggests that researchers ...
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