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Community Oriented Policing

Community-oriented policing has become integral to solve the issues of crimes and social disorders. Implementation of community-oriented policing requires substantial effort (Walters, 1993). Effective policing is impossible without support of the public. Therefore, the main intent of community-oriented policing is to breakdown the barrier of mistrust in order to deter crimes in a more effective manner.Community-oriented policing has three main components, which include community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving. Let us discuss all of these components in some detail. Community Partnerships Partnerships are a good way to reduce the gaps that exist between the police and the public by reducing the fear of police in the minds of the people and building strong and friendly relationships between the two components of the society. Police departments form partnerships with the community to solve safety problems by developing trust and working in proper collaboration with each other. Bobinsky (1994) states, “The community is more involved with the officers, and in turn, becomes the eyes and ears of the department in the neighborhood”. The intent of partnerships is to use the services of different components of the society to deal with the safety issues. In partnerships, the police department and different social components, such as, government agencies, public, and media work together to solve different social disorder problems.  ...
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This essay intends to discuss community-oriented policing, its concept and aspects. The three main components, which include community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving will be secribed as well.

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