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American Gangstar

A lot of scientists have tried to find any explanation of such tendency, analyzing conditions of life and possible incentives that push potential criminals to break the law. There are several theories that show main reasons of deviance. Bright example that illustrates theory on practice is a movie by Ridley Scott named “American Gangster”, which is based on true events about famous in 1960s and 1970s criminal, Frank Lucas.
The film tells a story about offspring of poor black family, who for about fifteen years has served for Bumpy Johnson, playing a role of his bodyguard, assistant, driver and collector. After death of his patron Frank substitutes Mr. Johnson, totally imitating his deeds and behavior. During the war in Vietnam with a help of military plains, using coffins of dead soldiers, Mr. Lucas manages to supply heroin to the United States, eliminating middlemen and selling his product twice as good for half as much. Abruptly Frank liquidates competition and his business gains incredible turns, providing him with opportunity to transfer own family from poverty to luxury.
From the scientific point Frank’s behavior grounds on differential-association theory that attributes a major role of causing deviance to the environment. Hence, working with Bumpy for so many years, Frank has got under influence of criminality that affects his consciousness and world perception. When a person constantly interacts with specific types of interlocutors, he unintentionally obtains habits, thoughts, manners and actions of such people, because everyone is able to fall under somebody’s influence to a larger or less degree. In this respect, Frank Lucas, finding himself in criminal surroundings and being imposed of deviant thinking, chooses a road of felony.
Seeing an example of Mr. Johnson, Frank does not find another way to make himself rich, because he has not been aware about other possible options to achieve his goals. In addition, being born ...
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Every country, every society and every limited circle of people has its own rules, traditions, norms, and laws that create acceptable patterns of behavior. It does not matter whether you are at a workplace or in a company of your friends - the restrictions are everywhere…
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