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How does the Black-White paradigm affect Jews position in American society in the early twentieth century? How does Jews’ classification as a Middle-Eastern group impacted Jew’s identity as Whites? What argument did Jews used to oppose their classific - Essay Example

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The dominant theme or narrative in American racial relations is the black-white story in which it is largely defined by the issue of slavery in the southern states. In this regard, discussion had tended to focus on this black-white paradigm; the social and political policy…

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How does the Black-White paradigm affect Jews position in American society in the early twentieth century? How does Jews’ classification as a Middle-Eastern group impacted Jew’s identity as Whites? What argument did Jews used to oppose their classific

A great majority of Jews felt as aliens in American life, not thought of as a distinct racial group.
The Jews classification as a Middle Eastern racial group adversely affected their own or other peoples perceptions of being white. Many Jews are of European descent and considered as white like any other white people, such as the Italians, Germans, Polish or Irish. With this type of classification, the Jews as a distinct group were not given much political significance in the early twentieth century. This attitude among the political hierarchy in America most probably allowed the Holocaust to happen because many of them thought they were not in danger of being racially targeted by the German Nazis and not enough steps were taken to safeguard all Jewish refugees. Americans were blinded by the black-white paradigm and did not fully realized a sheer diversity of the American population. The Jews themselves were under great pressure to balance their own commitments to their group and to the larger American society (Goldstein 4). A counterargument is to declare themselves as white as any race and they had been in Europe for centuries and Jews can be found anywhere in the world, not only in Middle East, due to the diaspora (Choueiri ...
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