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Crime in America

This unit examines community policing as a tool for fighting crime, and examines a bunch of youth hooligans on section two of the paper (Travis & Visher, 2005).
Community policing
Crime rates have significantly augmented over the years leading to an augmentation in the levels of uncertainty globally. Rules had been drawn to monitor the unlawful activities taking place within the communities leading to the introduction of community policing. Community policing was a philosophy that advocated for the corporation of preventive techniques to aid in controlling the criminal activities which were on the rise in the society. The initiative was from the westerner’s nation and steadily cropped up to other nations as a policing tool monitoring the high rate of unlawful activities prevalent in the community. The public’s desire to be guaranteed of their safety led to the formation of the public policing unit (Miller, Hess & Orthmann, 2011).
The police force went through a number of simultaneous changes that led to the growth of innovations to help curb the crime rate prevalent in the community. A good example of the reason that led to the foundation of community policing in America was the crisis that erupted amid the police and public. This was a massive political issue which dividing the then government since the politicians had diverse ideologies regarding the police public relations. ...
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Crime is a highly sensitive topic that captures the attention of many; therefore, understanding of the topic requires a description of various key terms. Crime can be described to be an act where an individual does something which is against the laws implemented to govern the public relations within a society…
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