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Assignment example - Mass Media Worksheet

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Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money to purchase luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power and includes either the buyer’s income or the buyer’s accumulated wealth. It is a means of showing economic power either to obtain a socioeconomic…

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By some people it could be seen as just a behavioral attitude while others may view this buying method as narcissistic. Conspicuous consumption influences people to purchase things in order to obtain a certain social status. They want people to see that they have designer labels or brands and it makes it appear that they are elite in social class. People think that what they own says something about who they are. If a person has a designer label item, people may envy them. To think about conspicuous consumption from my own personal point of view, I would like to buy a fancy, luxury car. It would be nice to have a Mercedes or a BMW to cruise around in. It is a brand of car that others want and for others to see me driving in it, they think may experience jealousy or a feeling of “I want that too!” Though driving a clunky car would still get me to the places that I need to go, driving a luxury car is like a statement piece.
2. Conspicuous leisure is a term that refers to the visible leisure for the means of showing social status. This usually means that people may refer to people that are motivated by social factors like taking long luxurious vacations just so that people can go, take their vacation and then come back offering souvenirs and memories about how amazing it was. People use their time not for working or for being productive but instead to show that they have the time to be able to go do something that they want to do when they want to do it. In some ways that leisure activities are informed by social and economic class is that some vacation spots for example may be more popular than others. In turn, advertisers may start to offer bargain deals to go on these luxurious vacations. What people want to buy, people may not really realize until an advertisement is shown to them and then they decide that perhaps a cruise on the Mediterranean for $1200 per person is not such a bad deal after all even when they would not have actively sought ...
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