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Is abortion not morally justifiable And why - Essay Example

(Jones). However, abortion is morally unjustifiable as life commences at conception, and this has been unambiguously demonstrated by scientific research. Those who support abortions during the first two and a half months of pregnancy, base their stance on their observation that the embryo, during that stage of development, does not resemble a human being. This makes it less objectionable to terminate pregnancy during that period. Such psychological perspectives account for the objection that people raise regarding the destruction of a new born child (Hillar). This is due to the fact that there is marked resemblance between the new born child and a human being. Consequently, it can be contended that abortion is only justifiable when the life of the pregnant female is in danger and in instances where there is a medical basis for destroying defective embryos. Nevertheless, in the latter case, the defect should be definite and not because the fetus has a defective gene (Hillar). Abortion is justifiable only if there is grave danger to the mother’s health. Moral objections to research in the area of embryonic stem cells are founded on the contention that adult humans and human embryos enjoy the same status from the moral perspective. ...
This is due to the reason that in the later stages of growth, embryos develop into adult humans. The free availability of abortion to women is supported by 30% of the females. However, around 68% of the females oppose abortion without any restrictions. Of these

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Abortion of Fetus with Down Syndrome
On the other hand, opponents of Abortion claim that this act is equivalent to killing of a human being an assertion, which the proponents claim is not justifiable. One of the major justifications of the proponents of the act rests in the case of a fetus with a health condition.
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Morally permissible for abortion
However, there are several others who disagree with this idea and believe that abortion is morally permissible since a fetus is just an insubstantial material with no actual life of its own as it is dependent completely on its mother’s body for endurance.
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Can Abortion be a Morally Acceptable Choice
Roe vs. Wade (1973) ("Roe v. Wade", legalized abortion in America, and ever since two apparently irreconcilable forces have arisen. The first, pro-life (or anti-choice according to their enemies) see, at their most extreme, any abortion as tantamount to murder (, while the pro-choice (or pro-abortion according to their enemies) see, at their most extreme any abortion (even the of the so-called 'partial birth type) as morally acceptable.
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Is Capital Punishment Morally Justifiable
This essay will apply moral reasoning to one of the most disturbing question the society faces nowadays, which is "Is capital punishment morally justifiable" In this essay we are going to use the eight stages of moral reasoning developed by Robert Gascoigne.
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After providing evidence that a fetus is viewed by the whole of society as a person worthy of similar considerations regarding life and the losing of life, this discussion will examine the criminal implications of abortion. The bulk of the paper
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Persuasive Research Paper on Abortion
The middle ground on the issue of abortion has been essentially based on the circumstances or reason for which one may seek an abortion. These reasons which make the issue that much more of difficult decision to
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Is abortion not morally justifiable
Those who support abortions during the first two and a half months of pregnancy, base their stance on their observation that the embryo, during that stage of development, does not resemble a human being. This makes it less objectionable to terminate the pregnancy during that period.
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Black Death in dixie
order, interpretive highlighted the establishment of social relationships on the basis of how an individual interacts with other people and conflict actually referred to the distribution of chances and freedom on the basis of one’s social class and status. Therefore, the
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Despite widespread criticism of extremists, religious groups, and pro-life advocates, various scientific researches and experts have regularly proven that
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Abortion (can be changed by writer)
Summer among others, forward such assumption. By following Marquis’ argument, this essay will ignore issues of great importance regarding ethical reasons for abortion. For instance, this essay will neglect abortion after the rape and in occasions
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17% advocate abortion, but insists upon the imposition of stricter conditions than what are applicable at present. An equal number oppose abortion under any circumstance and 34% are in favor of this intervention, if pregnancy was the outcome of sexual molestation or incest, or if the life of the mother is at risk (Franz). In addition, a 2010 Gallup poll disclosed that most of the respondents considered abortion to be morally unjustifiable. This survey was conducted between the 3rd and 6th of May 2010. These respondents were required to indicate whether the list of issues provided to them were, in their opinion, morally right or wrong. With regard to abortion, 50% were firm in their belief that it was morally incorrect (Ertelt). These polls revealed the fact that it was strongly believed by the majority that abortion is morally unjustifiable. Moreover, scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produced a report entitled Abortion Surveillance – United States, 2003. This report revealed that most of the induced abortions in the year 2003, specifically 88% had been conducted during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It was also disclosed in this report that the risk to the mother increased with advancing pregnancy. Thus, there were very few abortions performed after 15 weeks of pregnancy had elapsed. Furthermore, it was disclosed that between 16 to 20 weeks, 4.2% of abortions had been conducted. Subsequent to 21 weeks the proportion of abortions
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Is abortion not morally justifiable And why
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