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homosexuality in pop culture

In 2010 lady gaga made one of the shocking moves that have become characteristic of her, she showed up for an award ceremony dressed in a meat dress. Accompanying her, were soldiers in the US military who were affected by the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy which required gay soldiers to keep a secret of their sexuality if they wished to serve the nation. Her reason, she was not out to annoy vegetarians, just to demonstrate the need for all Americans including the gay ones to exercise their rights or they would soon be no better off than meat on bones when it came to freedom (Clark).
Judging from current trends, there is no doubt the future portends more room for gay and lesbian freedoms and popularity as part of American culture, pop or otherwise. What with the recent declaration by the president, that he was not opposed to gay unions. Considering that even Snoop Dog, one of Hip-Hop’s greats says the fans are now ready for a gay rapper in a field, which has rarely been known to tolerate homosexuality (Hailey). It appears that gay celebrities will be more common in posterity, since the stigma that has often followed popular figures that came out of the closet is rapidly diminishing with time.
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Several decades ago, homosexuality or insinuations of it was considered taboo and association with it could lead to alienation of the participant by the public (Martinez). The society then was not as liberal as it is today; moreover, homosexual themes were unacceptable on screen…
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