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This review will try to dissect perspective of each of these theories and how they address racism from their own vintage point.
Functionalists believed that in order to maintain harmony in a society the minority groups should blend with the dominant social group. In order to do so, the minorities not only have to leave their cultural foundation but should also change economically and socially. This process of blending in, called assimilation, is in direct conflict with racial cultural pluralism that promotes maintenance of culture, language, mannerism, art and any other integral founding stones of a society. According to functionalists, racism exists because different cultural values and social norms cannot co-exist. If this aberration is exterminated by dissolving in the dominant culture than racism will also abolish (Andersen, Margaret, and Howard, “Sociology: essentials” 234).
This theory explores how social interaction can reduce tension and hostility between two ethnic groups. Secondly, it focuses on how society is constructed in terms of race and ethnicity. (Andersen, Margaret, and Howard, “Sociology: essentials” 234). Individuals in a society give a subjective meaning to objects, events and behavior and they rely more on believes rather than what is objectively true. Therefore, symbolic interactionists believe that society is constructed socially based on human interpretations. When people interact in a society they form social bonds based on how they interpret each other’s behavior upon interaction (Andersen, Margaret, and Howard, “Sociology: understanding” 22).
This theory highlights link between racism and social class. It is believed that conflict between various groups in a society based on their class is inherent and is a fundamental component of social interaction. So according to conflict theorists, it is compulsory that this inequality of power and influence should be ...Show more


It can be loosely described as a negative, hostile behavior or feelings of people or an ethnic group towards another and it includes all the actions that result from such attitudes (Fredrickson, 2002). There are…
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Racism essay example
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