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Marriage is as just as important today, if not more, as it ever was in the past. Marriage draws its importance in the modern age from the fact that it gives objective meaning to…


Getting married means being fully committed in a relationship, and commitment in relationships is just as important and consistent with the modern values as it was in the past. I particularly like the example of emphasis placed on the right to get married by the gay people that you have quoted. Modern society is more receptive toward gay culture than any society was in the past. That is why more and more people are coming out and declaring themselves as gay. Thus, if gay people are struggling for the right to get married, this really means that marriage retains its importance in the modern culture as well. This also means that no matter how hard one tries, there is something very important missing from the life without marriage. Therefore, marriage cannot be considered as an outdated institution.
I absolutely agree with you that lack of funding is the biggest challenge in the way of getting education today. Today, when the technology has advanced the most as compared to all ages in the past, it is imperative that the quality of education provided in the schools is consistent with the demands of the present age and incorporates the use of latest technology. Considering this, schools that do not even have basic facilities like sufficient supply of water and electricity and efficient sewage system have no way to address the needs of the students. Getting educated today does not just mean being able to read or write; it means getting skilled to use the latest technology including the most advanced versions of computer software and other forms of technology. There is no way for the technology deprived schools to instill the required skills in the students. Therefore, it is very important for the government to ensure that schools get equal funding in order to enable them to provide students with high quality education. You have also highlighted a very important reason why education today is not ...
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