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Research Paper example - the effect of low self esteem on college students

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High school
Research Paper
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This is associated with low regard for one self. The student cannot take responsibility for their actions. The emotional effect makes them vulnerable to others who take advantage of them. They are easy to convince and are therefore easily misled by others…

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Consequences of low self-esteem on college students
1. Depression: The feeling of not being good enough is depressing to college students. They spend time pondering on their inadequacies. This makes them rely on outward success to boost their sense of self worth. They therefore push to ensure they do well academically but when they do not, their conscience is deeply disturbed.
2. Alcoholism and drug abuse: Research points to most cases of alcoholism being as a result of low self-worth. The stress that is brought by lack of self worth causes to the students who lack of peace on the student. Students affected by this try to overcome through self destructing means such as drug abuse. They find relief in excitement that is caused by these coping strategies like alcoholism.
3. Suicide: when the distress gets to extreme levels, it breeds feelings of self destruction. They develop disgust in the goodness of life and this explains the suicide incidences in colleges. People with low self concept are generally dangerous to self, let alone to others. They are bitter and easily irritated.
4. Poor academic performance: This is almost a direct consequence of self esteem to any student. The diverted attention to fix the feelings of inadequacy tear the student apart so much that they can not focus on studies. They are also de motivated by failure and lack an inner sense of ability. ...
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