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Sociological Analysis of an Interviewee

She has been successful in her career which she chose on her own. Alex is an independent and visionary person. She has been dreamy since her childhood to become a deejay and was inspired by numerous talented deejays. The most prominent reason that she likes about being a deejay is popularity and long lists of fans who keep on calling her and telling her that they love her. This feeling of being liked and appreciated and the ability to contribute to the well being of the people for whom she mattered the most has dominated her heart most of the time (Martin & Turner, 1986). At the same time, there are some issues that make her dislike her field. Prominent reason being the lack of privacy of a deejay and negative perception of selected sections of the society regarding her field of work make things difficult for her. Importantly, her siblings never show her encouragement or appreciation about her field of work. She feels left out and alone when at the same time she is filled with loving messages from her devoted fans. In this regard, Alex did not accommodate to the demands of her family as her work life is too tough and hectic. She hardly can manage to arrange a home dinner or meet with siblings at their place. ...
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Sociological Analysis of an Interviewee University Name The experiences, culture and personality all contribute to determine the choices that one makes in their day-to-day life. Alex Alleno is a socially strong person even though he had accused his elder siblings about cheating their parents…
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