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Effects of Immigrants on Miami - Term Paper Example

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Such is the spectacle of this migration, that it has been named the 7th wonder of the world. When human beings migrate, it is called human migration. Human migration has its history in the nomadic communities, mostly of Africa, who moved from one place to another, in search of water and pastures for their animals, as well as safety for their families and property. Most of these led to conflict with other communities, that had the same intentions. Migration can either be voluntary or involuntary. Examples of involuntary migration are; slave trade, where people are sold to go and work as slaves, human trafficking and also ethnic cleansing. Those who migrate and settle at a certain place are called immigrants of that place. When they start their migration, they are called emigrants. Some people migrate and settle into land that is already occupied by a certain group of people without displacing them. Others displace the occupants, in which case the displaced people are termed refugees. Others migrate and settle on to unoccupied pieces of land, in which case they are called settlers. Theories of migration Migration can be caused by many factors. Wars are known to lead to migrations, an example is the emigration from Iraq, to the USA. Political conflicts also lead to migrations, an example being the migration from Zimbabwe, into the United Kingdom. Natural disasters are also known to lead to human migrations, an example being the migration that was caused by the eruption of the volcano, in the island of Montesrat. The major cause of migration currently and in recent times, is economical. People migrate in order to attain economic power, in terms of finances and even education. People will migrate to go to countries where the salaries for specific jobs are high than in their countries, or where their exists a shortage of certain professionals, in highly paying countries. Their have been developed a number of theories, to explain the migration of people from one country to another. They are; the neoclassical economic theory, the dual labour market theory, the new economics of labour migrations theory, the relative deprivation theory, and the world systems theory. The neoclassical economic theory The neoclassical economic theory is the most recent theory developed to explain the labour and capital migration. It explains labour migration by arguing that it is caused by the geographical differences in wages paid for labour. The direction of migration will be towards the area with a higher wage. The wage rate paid is in turn determined by the market forces in the labour market, in that if there is more of capital than labour, then more labour will be needed, hence pushing up the price of labour. If the supply of labour is more than that of capital, then the price of labour will go down. This theory best explains transnational migration, because most countries do not prohibit labour migration Dual labour market theory The dual labour market theory argues that there is a pull factor in the labour markets of more developed countries, that will cause worlers from less developed countries to migrate to these countries. The pull exists because the developed countries’ labour market is made up of two categories; the primary and the secondary. The primary segment consists of the skilled labourers, ...Show more
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(Effects of Immigrants on Miami Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
“Effects of Immigrants on Miami Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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Title Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Migration is the general movement of organisms, from one place to another. Migration is defined in its specific form, when talking about a specific organism migrating. For example, some birds migrate from one place to another, during a certain period of the year, maybe to get away from harsh weather, or to look for food, or to escape a clan they have been banished from…
Effects of Immigrants on Miami
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