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How development interacts with local culture

However, it seems to be an issue ailing poorly performing economies. Some of the cultural practices such as gender role-play, inequality, and reproductive health contribute to development situation in most of these countries.
Culture can influence development in various ways. Amartyra (2004) points out seven ways in which culture can influence the development of a country. Culture should be part of the overall wellbeing of a community. Despite the view that a country can have a lot of wealth, its people should be able to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy. However, the case scenario in some of the developing countries is seen to be unconscious of the citizens. Fr example female genital mutilation deprives the rights to women to have a good life that assures their reproductive health. The cultural activities also influence economically remunerative activities. Culture can be utilized constructively to facilitate the realization of more income especially through tourism. However, tourists are likely to shun places where unethical cultural activities are practiced. On top of this, culture influences the economic behavior of a community. The behavior of the people that is entrenched in their culture influences the way they engage in economic activities. Cultural conditions also do influence politics, therefore, the leadership of a country remains inclined to the beliefs of the people. The formation of values can also be influenced by culture, this makes it possible to have the variant economic trends that are variant in various parts of the world.
Environment has been demonstrated to be a key player in the realization of development in various ways. One of the major issues that surround one’s environment is their culture. It determines their worldview as well as the way they develop themselves. As examined by Kurian (2000), through an analysis of the Sardar Saravar Project in India, the concept of modernization has completely ...
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It is apparent that some communities in the world, especially in the world countries have been held back by sticking to their…
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