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Sociology - Research Paper Example

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The inequalities that occur in contemporary society can be explained by Pierre Bourdieu’s ‘habitus’ and theories on ‘capital’. Capital is associated with economic or monetary exchange for profit but cultural capital expands the meaning of capital to include the knowledge, education etc. …

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From personal experience, the contemporary British society is characterised by social inequalities that are evident in access to education, housing, income and employment opportunities due to uneven distribution of cultural capital in the society. The educational inequality in Britain is evidenced by the differences in college admission rates, completion rates, the drop-out rates across cultures, the test scores and future attainments of the students across cultures (Crompton 2008). I believe that British patterns of dominant cultures and minority cultures have impact on the existing inequalities in the education system since the student’s background affects the education prospects. In this case, students who display higher attainment usually have more educated parents and are mainly from the dominant cultures. According to Lauder (2012), the reason could be that home-experiences support future learning in schools since students from the high class have access to more books and meaningful social conversations that will facilitate learning. It is regrettable that lack of supportive cultural background compels the students from working class or minority cultures to enter school at older age due to their poor development of vocabulary and memory skills that are essential in learning (Crompton 2008).
Actually, the family structure perpetuates inequalities since marital conflicts and divorces affects the proper socialisation. ...
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