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Diffusion of Innovations Theory

The theory and model of diffusion of innovations was unanimously presented by an American sociologist and a communication scholar Everett M. Rogers. Born on March 1931 and died in October 2004, Rogers was the first person who describes a model for diffusion of innovations at social or organizational as well as individual terms that elaborates step by step adoption of something new and different. He deduced this theory of diffusion of innovations from his father’s attitude towards adapting new kind of crops for his field as he was reluctant initially but finally get convinced of new specie’s good result. From this human attitude towards testing new phenomena and things and by studying several other cases of diffusion, Rogers invented a five-stage model of diffusion of innovations, in which he divided the population into innovators, early adapters, late adopters or early majority, late majority and finally those who lag behind all of the priors and do not adapt new idea or technique for a particular new phenomena.Different elements of the society take new innovation differently and have their own perspectives about it. For example, for a farmer like Roger’s father who was interested in mechanical innovations and adapt all such innovations early and without hesitation, but when it comes to some biological or chemical innovation, like planting improved specie, he hesitates and avoid unless the result proves itself to be the better one, thus becoming a late majority amongst the adopters. ...
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This research discusses the theory of diffusion of innovation, which  was presented in the year 1962 by famous communication and social scholar Everett Rogers, which has been widely adopted socially and is considered a milestone for social and communication related organizations. 

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