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Children learn in this phase by imitating what they see around them, and constructing a view of the world that is based on this family culture. Many of the characteristics and habits of their parents make deep impressions on them, and they internalize the values of their home, and build their own world view upon these early foundations. In school they learn more and more about the world, but the framework they pin it all on to is the example set at home. This is why they are at the same time keen to learn and yet very like little clones of their parents. 2. Shakespeare’s maxim “all the world’s a stage” refers to the way that people take on roles in life. Each person has to present an image of himself or herself to the outside world. This is reminiscent of the theories of Erving Goffman, who wrote influential books in the 1950a and 1960s using the metaphor of the actor on a stage to explain the way that human beings have both an inner concept of self, which is personal to each individual, and a view of the self as seen by other people in society. This was an important insight in the field of sociology because it explains some of the tensions that exist within human beings, and the way that they behave differently in private and in public. ...
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Sociology. 1. Very young children are programmed to be selfish, because this ensures that they obtain the necessary support for survival, but over the course of the middle years of childhood from 7-11 children grow less selfish and begin to appreciate the need to take account of the wishes of other people…
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