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Introduction to the Miller Family - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Admission/Application Essay
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Such perspectives affect individuals or groups depending on their intellectual abilities, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Among conditions affecting perspectives people hold in life…

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Introduction to the Miller Family

People such as Elias receive information with feelings of helpless distress while others like Ella perceive the disease positively with readiness to fighting it. Patients who perceive cancer with distress and hopelessness may experience psychological disorder. Because of Ella’s positive perception of cancer, she managed to control possible distress.
Immediate family members of patient also experience psychological difficulties after diagnosis of cancer. Family members perceive the disease with fears and helplessness. Possible causes of distress among family members include high medication costs in addressing the condition. For instance, if Ella, a long time cancer patient, requires specialized treatment that involves chemotherapy or long duration treatment, the family may incur high costs of treatment. High financial costs may be distressing to family members. In the case of Elias, his family might perceive his condition with negativity and helplessness.
Ella survived cancer disease for many years because of her cognitive abilities to manage stress and aid from trained mental professionals. In addition, Ella’s socio-cultural status influenced her long time survival. Her family members and friends’ support during care contributes to her wellbeing. Good and healthy diet that Ella adopted minimizes her chances of developing serious complications resulting from cancer disease. Support from friends was also vital in relieving her emotions and depression.
American Cancer Society (ACS). Distress in People with Cancer. August 11, 2014. Web. October 11, 2014. Accessed from: ...
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