With reference to Michel Foucault, what role does madness and sexuality play in establishing notions of the normal? - Essay Example

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With reference to Michel Foucault, what role does madness and sexuality play in establishing notions of the normal?

Through public confession, the topic in discussion becomes the central theme of interest.
Some societies like those in China, Japan, and the Arab world used such forms of sexual expression like the erotic arts. This included paintings and pictures describing these acts. They expressed the many ways in which these people went about the act. People gained knowledge and experience through openly talking about these issues. They openly confessed their feelings and desires concerning sexuality. People openly and widely discussed it, and there was a change in conception in people (Poirier, 2015). They began viewing it in a certain way as they looked for ways to benefit more from it. They no longer silenced sexuality and realized its importance other than reproduction. Sexual needs became a prime focus and people stressed the importance of sexual acts.
Foucault looked at the issue of madness and sought to find out more about particular perspectives concerning the issue. In the olden eras, madness was not shunned or despised by society as it is today (Foucault, 2015). Humanity had a soft stance on insanity. People were compassionate to mad people and viewed it as another unknown side of an individuals personality. Individuals put the insane in isolation but within the cities. They were able to interact with other members of the society. In the world of art, madness had many significances. In the early sixteenth century, the insane were being taken into solitary confinement far from others (Massey.ac.nz, 2015). These people could not contribute positively to the society, and they were considered outcasts. There were places for mad people called asylums, and here they underwent torture through hard labour. Those who could not manage were publicly whipped and flogged. As time progressed, Madness was seen as a condition and centres were put up. These aimed at trying to help the insane to treat their conditions.
Psychiatric units were set up to help these ...
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Early scholars have linked truth with sex. People no longer fear talking about the sexual act and explaining it in detail. In the olden days, sexuality was shunned, and people did not speak much…
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