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Framing in New Social Movements

Movement is a form of association or forum created by individuals in the society to confront certain social issues and propose new ways by which changes could be effected to correct those issues. A platform gives the citizens the inner power that they could challenge authorities (Burns and Will, 1988, 102). Several societal movements had emerged in the past, most of which came to be because of discrimination of the black race in the post-industrial revolution society in European and American continents. Movements had been analysed by scholars as a means of involvement by individuals in the society in the political affairs different from the institutional means. Groups such as the Black Civil Rights Movements (BCRM), Anti-Vietnam War Movement, and several liberation movements emerged. It should be noted that, the purpose of such movements are limited to issues within their sphere of interest and not a nation-wide issue. Social movements in the past had been a tool whereby individuals check the excesses of the powerful elite (political class) who oppose the demands and aspiration of the masses. Recent conceptualisation of social movement had been done with respect to the type of movement that existed within their cultural context. Social movements are conceived as a product of the post-industrial society in the advanced countries of the world. ...
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Framing in New Social Movements Societal changes are brought about by efforts by specific group of individuals who sense an inconsistency in the codes and conduct of certain societal institutions. The urge to implement a change in attitude gives rise to the formation of several social movements…
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