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Sports Development Offices - Assignment Example

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Sports & Recreation
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The two officers who hold the above offices play varying roles as discussed under each office. However, according to Haywood, (2001) there are some similarities on the roles played by these officers. These similarities include;
This office undertakes work in varying environments which include clubs and community groups, schools and other institutions to carry out programmes that are innovative and ground breaking in increasing opportunities for sports and physical activities participation…

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Sports Development Offices

To train on various sporting activities to young people in an environment that is safe and friendly to the young trainees. The office will be required to put much emphasis on the LTAD and the fundamental model to the target group this will help him in identifying the prevailing barriers that bars the disadvantaged young people from participating.
The officer is responsible in developing and toughening associations with local sports clubs and the suitable partners in encouraging the continuing participation in the sporting activities thereby boosting the chances of sporting opportunities.
Ensuring that the coaching provided is of the required quality. This will be much easier if the officer commits himself to a continuous professional development (CPD) programme which will guarantee better quality.
Assisting in attainment of positive futures and other sports development programmes in the local authority. This will also enhance easier implementations of various events, festivals and the young people's initiatives.
The office bearer has all the duties of ensuring health and safety of trainees, visitors and other employees ...
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