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(Ecobits and Ecopieces 2002)
However, the costs of ecotourism have become a controversial issue among different sectors and institutions in the global society. Even though ecotourism is seen to promote ecological awareness for travelers and serve as a significant revenue generator for rural societies, a lot of people question its real function in the community. Some groups like Tourism Concern in UK argued that ecotourism harms the environment, together with the people in it. (Ecobits and Ecopieces 2002)
This paper aims to further explore the costs of ecotourism in the global community. In order to fully understand ecotourism, this paper will first tackle its definition and cite specific activities pertaining to it. The next section will then lay down the costs associated with this activity by specifying the harms it brings to the environment, to people, and the society as a whole. The paper will then offer an analysis on each argument and will conclude with a summary of its findings.
Currently, the word ecotourism is used loosely in conversations. "Ecotourism" is often used to denote activities involving nature. "Ecotourism" can designate a wide array of activity like mountain climbing, water rafting, and other ecological explorations. ...
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The boom in the holiday market gave rise to a lot of leisure activities within the boundaries of tourism. In the recent years, the world had seen a rapid growth of revenue derived from these activities. Notably, these huge influx of revenue was spurred by the expansion of one segment-ecotourism…
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