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Standing Long Jump

The most important technique variable is the selection of takeoff angle. A japanese athlete studied the effects of changes in takeoff angle on performance in the standing long jump. The aim was to identify the "optimum take off angle" and to explain the underlying biomechanics of the standing long jump. When indoor arenas were built, the standing long jump began to disappear as an event. Today, the only country where the standing long jump is a national championship event is Norway. The Norwegian Championships in Standing Jumps (long jumps and high jumps) has been held in Stage every winter since 1995.
The performance of standing long jump was often used or adopted to examine the fitness of school children, but the tests had frequently underestimated the subject's true potential when the subject did not use the best possible technique. The most important methods that promote the jumping performance is the selection of optimum take off angle
and technical use of the arms. In previous researches, many researchers used the force plates to study the long jump and suggested the technique of long jumps. They later concluded that increasing the take off velocity of the jumper's supporting leg would increase the jumping distance. ...
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The standing long jump is an athletic s event. It was an Olympic event until 1912. When an athlete performs a standing long jump, He stands at a line marked on the ground with his feet slightly apart. He takes off and lands on both feet, swinging his arms and bending his knees to provide forward drive…
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