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Coach-athlete Relationship in Soccer

Whether a boy athlete or a girl, every individual sportsperson enjoys a special relationship with his/her coach depending upon the exposure introduced by the coach to the athlete. This relationship allows the young athlete to explore his coach and understand his behaviours and moods as mutual understanding is essential in order to maintain a healthy coach-athlete association. Talent development is more vital than building sports ability levels. Expert coaches know when to push players and when to reduce the intensity of training and their expectations. However, no real evidence has been established to guide the coach or the athlete on how far they should push a young player towards attaining appropriate level of intensity.
Moreover, the tolerance levels and subsequent benefit to individual young players may require individual attention (e.g. physiological and psychological requirements). In this sense coaches tend to be reliant on personal craft knowledge and experience. Moderation of effort and potential 'drop out' may occur if harmony does not exist between coach and player. Some effort should be made to prevent this loss of talent by encouraging the player to gradually return to systematic training. The coach-athlete relationship is based on shared interests in accomplishing a task rather than on a personal or emotional issue. ...
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Behind every successful sportsperson are three possessions. Hard work, dedication and will to succeed and behind these three factors is the effort carried by his coach. Therefore the thing that counts is the endeavour of athlete's coach escorting him/her to the thresholds of success…
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